Breeding Programme


Our Breeding

We are very lucky have some fantastic broodmares. Jonathan has spent a lot of time researching about breeding top level sport horses, he understands how important it is to correctly select the right stallion to use with each mare based on the mare and stallions temperaments, size, ability, bloodlines etc. We will be doing our first embryo transfer this year so we can have a second foal from the wonderful Wya Balia RS. If  you  are  interested  in  purchasing  a  foal  from  us  contact  +447966361422.  

2019 Foals

  • Stamira (Stakkato x Ramiro Z) has  had  a  beautiful  filly  to  Valmy De La Lande  born 17.4.19  named  Valmy’s  Capital  HD.
  • Conta Z (Crown Z x Calvin Z) has  had  a  strong  colt  by  Care For  born  2.6.19  called  Care  For  Pleasure  HD.
  • Springview Kings Cavalier (Kingsmaster x Cavalier Royale) gave  birth  to  an  incredible  colt  on  19.6.19  to Elvis Ter Putte  named  Elvis  The  King  HD.
  • Cikita (Namelus R x Argus) (Elite Prok Ibob) gave  birth  to  beautiful  filly  4.7.19  by  Casallco  named  Casallca  HD.
  • Concordia (Shakira) (Con Air x Levall I) has  a  truely  stunning  colt  by  Untouchable 27 born  5.7.19  called  Unbelievable HD.  Selected  for  Bolesworth  Elite  Foal  Auction  16.8.19

Foals due in 2020

  • Wya Balia RS (Germus R x Pantheon XX) confirmed  in  foal  to I'm Special De Muze  due  July  2020.
  • Embryo transfer from Wya Balia RS to Glasgow Van-T Merelsnest  prenancy  confirmed,  due  April  2020.
  • L-Etoile Du Rouet (Balou Du Rouet x Uniform) confirmed in foal to Stakkatol due June 2020.
  • Lulina VDL (Grandslam VDL x Dallas VDL) confirmed  in foal to For Treasure due  May  2020
  • Concordia (Shakira) (Con Air x Levall I) -  embryo  transfer  pregnancy  confirmed  to  Conthargos due June/ July 2020
  • Conta Z (Crown Z x Calvin Z) confirmed in foal to Dallas  VDL due June 2020.
  • Utopie Du Bary (Elixir De Madame x Skippy II) confirmed  in foal to Je T'Aime Flamenco  due  April  2020


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