Meet the team

We’re lucky  to  have  an  amazing   team  of  horses  some  of  which  we  bred!  Many  of  our  horses  are  young  but  super  talented  with  very  bright  futures  ahead  of  them.  Produced  and  competed  by  Malandra.  


Kismet IS

Our  beautiful  mare   also  known  as  Izzy  was  born  2015  by  Zambesi  x  Berlin.  Izzy really  proved  herself  tin 2019  she  is  bold  and  loves  to  please. Currently  jumping   1m.  Her  power  and  strength  is  really  starting  to  show  and  her  jump  is  incredible.   Izzy  has  not  been  pushed  in  the  slightest  and  has  had many  breaks  with  only  light  competition. We are looking  forward  to  this years  5yo  classes  with  her.  Izzy is  a  sweet  mare who  loves  a  cuddle.  


Didi Van De Castershoeve Z

Didi  born  2015  by  Dieu  Merci  Van  T&L  x  Dutch  Capitol.  Didi  has just started her competitive career and is jumping british novice. She has huge scope and ability but we are taking our time with her as she is an extra special horse, she should however catchup quickly and jump this years 5yo classes. 


Lulena VDL

Lulena is 4year old mare by Grand Slam VDL  x Dallas VDL. We purchased her last year as a nervous 3yr old. She has grown into the sweetest mare and is true yard favourite. Lulena will be backed this year ready to start her competitive career at the back end of the year or next year as a 5yr old. 


Colossus HD

Colossus,  known  as  Max  on  the  yard  born  2017  by  Carrera  VDL  x  Namelus  R.  Technically not  a  competition  horse  just  yet  but  he  will  be!  Max  is  such  a  gentleman,  he  really  is  the  easiest,  nicest  3yo  I’ve  ever  had  the  pleasure  of  working  with.  He was  bred  by  HD  Equine too!  Can’t  wait  for  him   to  be  old  enough  to  start  his  career.  


Danone O (Retired)

Danone  known  as  Elvis  on  the  yard  was  born  2008  by  Germus  R  x  Ramiro  Z.  Elvis  is  a  true  yard  favourite,  very  handsome  and  cheeky.  He  has  jumped  to  1.30m  but  is  now  retired!  He  keeps  the  babies  company  in  the  field.  


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