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If you are as passionate about what you do as we are we’d love to work with you! We are always on the look out for new sponsors to support our growing business and in return we’ll promote and endorse your brand. Get in touch hdequineuk@gmail.com 


Our Sponsors



Proud to be working with  Gemma Garland  at CWD. CWD are sports saddle experts and also have an expectional range of tack and accessories. Gemma  is  great and really knows her  stuff! Drop  us  a  line  and  we  can  put  you  in  touch  with  her. I  absolutely  love  my  Mademoiselle  saddles  they  are  so  comfy  and  allow  the  horses  extra  freedom  in  the  shoulder  too.  The  tack  is  of  the  highest  quality  and  I’m  lucky  to  be  able  to  use  it  on  my  horses.



Dodson & Horrell

We’re delighted  to be working with one of the best feed companies Dodson & Horrell keeping our horses well fed and feeling great!  They  truly  are  experts  in  nutrition and  provide  us  with  so  much  advice  to keep  our  horses  in  the  best  condition from broodmares, to foals, competition horses and our retired boy Elvis! They  are  always  happy  to  advise  so  get  in  touch  for  more  info  on  their  products  or  nutritional  advice  and  be  sure  to  let  them  know  they  come  highly  recommended  by  HD  Equine!

Visit their website https://www.dodsonandhorrell.com


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